Part 4 – Trasportation (Scooters)


If you are tired of walking and would like to discover the city by a different mode the easiest way is to get a scooter. Some of you might know all types of it, but for those who don’t, therefore are 2 types: Manual and Electric scooter. The manuals you might know, but let me show you the variety of Electric scooters:



  • It’s not so much exhausting than walking
  • You can make the same distance much quicker than by walking
  • You can enter buildings (in case you don’t have the large scooters) and leave it there, or take with you
  • You can enter public transportation with a scooter (smaller models)
  • Generally those are not very heavy (except of the large or mobility scooters), therefore you can even hold, lift them
  • The electric ones you can rent it easily in the cities via apps


In the age of Globalization there are several companies who offers renting electrical scooters world-wide. Let me highlight a few of them:


One of the most know company, which offers electric scooter and bike rentals is Lime. You can easily download it via Google Play or App Store. The advantage of Lime is that you can use this application in US, several European Countries, Australia and New Zealand. Currently they are increasing the list of cities in South America and they have reached Abu Dhabi in UAE too as visible below:


Similar to LIME, BIRD is also a very well known and used application for electric scooter sharing. They have great reviews and affordable prices, however currently located in less cities than Lime.

Source: Map from


Lyft is a very well known electric scooter company in United States. They operate only in US, however they are spreading really fast and covering 100’s of US cities already. You might know Lyft as a taxi company, however the younger population is often using their scooters.


The mobility startup was born from the January 2019 merger of its Mexican and Brazilian outfits, Grin and Yellow. Grin will maintain its own platform, as it intends to fortify its presence within its native Mexican market and beyond. Meanwhile, Yellow will stick to Brazil. However, since Grin merged with Ride—another Brazilian scooter app—back in 2018 it has one competitor less to worry about.

Other apps, which you can use when renting scooters are:

Spin, Jump, Skip, Scoot, Razor and several others. You can find more details about them here.

However there is one very good application, which contains several apps in one. It’s called Scooter Map. Therefore if you are not sticked to one specific brand, than use Scooter map to find the best electric scooter renting app for you!


When visiting Australia, specially the big cities like Sydney or Melbourne, it’s recommended to have a bicycle or scooter. If you don’t want to be exhausted and discover the city by your own, I would recommend you to get an electric scooter. Mearth is a company which does not offer you only a product, but the full variety of things, which you have to know when using a scooter. Their blog includes several pages of advises for beginners and even experienced persons about choosing the best scooter, which equipments you need or even the laws and rules using a scooter in Australia. It’s definitively worth visiting them.

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