Travel News: July 3rd 2021

air france increasing flights & routes for the winter

According to Mark Finlay from Simple Flying, French national flag carrier Air France has just issued a statement about its winter 2021/2022 schedule, and it seems that they are not accepting any significant downturn due to the new wave of Covid-19 pandemic. Although the european governments are really careful and getting prepared for a really hard autumn and winter, the French national flag carrier is introducing new routes and more flights for the winter.

Starting October 18th, Air France will fly from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (ZNZ) in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The flight will operate twice a week utilizing a Boeing 787-9 and will be a continuation of Air France’s regular flight to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) in Nairobi, Kenya.

Starting October 31st, the airline will offer three flights per week from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to Muscat International Airport (MCT) in Muscat, Oman. The just over seven-hour flights will be operated using a Boeing 787-9 aircraft. On top of the new flights to Oman, Air France will increase the frequency of flights between Paris and Dubai to 14 flights per week beginning October 23rd.

Starting from November 1st, Air France will fly from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The flights will be operated using a Boeing 787-9 and are a continuation of Air France’s flights to Male in the Maldives.

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Delta And United Inaugurate Flights to croatia

Few days ago you could read here at, that Croatia is opening it’s borders to US citizents. According to Jay Singh from Simple Flying, two of the biggest US airlines, Delta and United have officially inaugurated flights between the New York area and Croatia. The two carriers, flying with Boeing 767-300ERs, have opened the pandemic-era leisure routes.

On July 1st, United Airlines operated its first nonstop flight to Croatia. The airline inaugurated nonstop operations from its hub at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). According to data from, the jet took off from Newark at 20:42 local time. After seven hours and 51 minutes in the air, the jet landed at Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) at 10:33 local time.

United is consistently using a Boeing 767-300ER on the route. Flights run four times per week on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Return flights from Dubrovnik depart on Sundays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. United has currently scheduled the route to run through early October.

Delta inaugurated its first nonstop flight to Croatia on Friday, July 2nd. Delta is also serving Dubrovnik, flying out of its New York hub at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). According to data from, the plane departed JFK at 21:01 local time. After a seven-hour and 50-minute flight, the jet landed in Dubrovnik at 10:51 local time.

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Carnival Cruise’s first U.S. cruise is set to leave Port Galveston

As the pandemic situation is improving, several cruise companies in Asia already started operation. They were followed also by European companies, however US cruise firms were still careful and did start operation only lately. Royal Caribbean Cruises was the first cruise operator to sail a ship from a U.S. port since the beginning of the pandemic when its Celebrity Edge ship left Miami last Saturday.

However according to, another big cruise company – The Carnival Vista is set to sail on Saturday afternoon out of Galveston, Texas, marking Carnival Cruise Line’s first U.S. cruise since the pandemic halted its operations. The week-long cruise is set to travel to Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel. Passengers aboard must show proof of vaccination, or be pre-approved for an exemption by Carnival, which is following strict guidelines. The next day, its Carnival Horizon ship will leave Miami.

As for future cruise bookings Rollo predicts is about 25%, of 2022 is currently sold. The analysts also estimate that about half of 2022 bookings are from guests rebooking canceled cruises and using their credits.

“There is therefore a fair amount of 2022 left to sell, and it could be misleading to extrapolate from the small amount of cash bookings made to date,” Rollo said. “Additionally, initial cruise deployment is mostly domestic and short duration, which are lower yielding itineraries than the more exotic/international cruises which will take longer to recover.”

Because of the slower-than-expected pace of return, Carnival… for the rest of the article, please continue reading on


Saudi Arabia bans entry from UAE, Vietnam, Ethiopia and Afghanistan

According to, Saudi authorities are banning travel to and from the UAE, Ethiopia and Vietnam, over concerns about the spread of more-infectious variants of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Interior announced early on Saturday.

Flights to and from the three countries will be suspended on Sunday, July 4, at 11 p.m., the ministry said. Anyone who arrives in the Kingdom after this date will be required to undergo institutional quarantine, whether or not they are a Saudi citizen. In keeping with the current rules, Saudi citizens who return before then will not. Entry from Afghanistan has also been suspended.

The restrictions do not apply to foreigners who have visited any of the countries but left them, or any other country on which the Kingdom has imposed a travel ban, at least 14 days before arriving in Saudi Arabia.

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travelers to Bali be careful: Indonesia expects COVID-19 cases to rise

Called also paradise on the Earth, one of the most beautiful places on our Globe, Bali did open for tourists beginning of July after being closed for almost 1.5 year. The place with breathtaking views, great prices, ideal surfing, relaxing and swimming opportunities did welcome since the opening thousands of people. It seemed that the Covid-19 cases are declining and life can return to the old way.

However according to Yuddy Cahya Budiman and Tabita Diela from Reuters, tThe next two weeks are critical for the success of Indonesia’s efforts to rein in the coronavirus, as infections could rise until Saturday’s tougher curbs, affecting more than 100 million people, begin to show results, a minister said. As it battles one of Asia’s worst virus outbreaks, the world’s fourth-most populous nation reported 27,913 new infections in the latest of many peaks over the past two weeks.

“In the next 10 days, maybe two weeks, cases can continue to rise,” despite tougher curbs on the islands of Java and Bali, as some infections could now be in the incubation period, said Luhut Pandjaitan, the minister overseeing the COVID-19 response.

“This two weeks is a critical time for us.” In Bali’s Ubud art market, saleswoman Ketut Suwarni lamented the curbs and a delay in reopening for foreign tourists, which had been planned for this month.

“We’ve been closed for 15 months and have been making preparations, but suddenly these restrictions,” she said, adding that she expected sales, which had risen after domestic tourists returned, to drop again. “We’re confused now.”

For the rest of the article, please click here and continue reading on Reuters.


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