Travel News: February 13th 2021

United Airlines Delays JFK Return again until late march

According to Luke Bodell from Simple Flying, United Airlines has set back its highly anticipated return to New York JFK Airport until late March due to the impact of COVID-19. The airline was scheduled to return by the end of February before the date was pushed back another month.

Already back in November, United announced it would return to JFK Airport after a five-year absence, setting a launch date of February 1st. The airline would fly to JFK out of its hubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco and earmarked its “high-J” Boeing 767-300ER jets for the job. These planes are configured with 46 Polaris seats (up from the standard 30), 22 Premium Plus reclining seats, 43 Economy Plus seats, and 56 economy seats.

Due to a lack of demand, United pushed back its initial February 1st date to February 28th. Additionally, initial schedules planned for two flights per day on both Los Angeles and San Francisco routes, but this was cut to five flights a week. United has now delayed its return again until March 28th, citing the ongoing impact of the pandemic. In a statement to TPG, United said. For further details, please click here and read it on Simple Flying.

Source: Yahoo Finance

the bermunda triangle: one of the biggest mysteries ever!

The ‘Bermuda Triangle’ has fascinated lovers of mystery and intrigue for ten’s of years and still doing today. This fictitious triangular area of oceans and islands, running from the coasts of Florida to Puerto Rico and up to Bermuda, has been the site of scores of vanishing ships and planes over the past decades.

Joanna Bailey from Simple Flying did collect all written evidence of ships or airplanes, which disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. The first aircraft incident in the Bermuda Triangle involved a US Navy PBM3S patrol seaplane on July 10th, 1945. Six hours after leaving the Naval Air Station at Banana River, Florida, the flight radioed one final position report, but was never heard from again.

The same year, in December, five TBF Avengers were lost, along with 14 airmen. Flight 19 was perhaps one of the most well-known incidents and remains the catalyst for the rumors of forces unknown. In fact, later the same day, a Martin PBM Mariner went missing while searching for the lost squadron.

In 1948, the first passenger plane went missing in the area. It was an Avro Tudor IV, registered G-AHNP and operated by British South American Airways. Star Tiger was flying between Santa Maria in the Azores and Bermuda on January 30th when it disappeared without a trace. No wreckage or trace of its 31 passengers and crew were ever found. onths later, in December, a Douglas DST with three crew and 29 passengers onboard were lost on a trip between San Juan and Miami. Less than a month later, on January 17th, 1949….please continue reading the full story on Simple Flying by clicking here.

Source: Wikipedia

35 Most Anticipated Hotel Openings Of 2021

Jennifer Kester from Forbes did collect the 35 most Anticipadet Hotel Openings in 2021. Let’s me show you a few of them.

Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences New Orleans

Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences New Orleans

Moving into downtown’s riverfront World Trade Center, the 341-room hotel intends to be a culinary contender, enlisting NOLA chef Alon Shaya (whose Saba is a must-visit) for its modern Louisiana restaurant and Instagrammable bar. And there will be a restaurant from Donald Link, the stalwart behind local institutions like Herbsaint, Cochon and Pêche Seafood Grill. Before you feast, visit the spa, outdoor pool and 34th-floor observation deck overlooking the city.

Source: Forbes

Amrit Ocean Resort & ResidencesPalm Beach

Tucked on tranquil Singer Island, this oceanfront resort will deliver an essential dose of wellness that melds Eastern philosophies with Western technology. Its 100,000 square feet of wellness offerings include Florida’s first indoor/outdoor hydrothermal circuit, robust yoga programming and a team of naturopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists, osteopaths and more.

Source: Forbes

Regent Phu Quoc, Vietnam

On Long Beach in Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s idyllic island getaway, you’ll encounter the all-suite-and-villa resort (villas will have infinity pools and up to seven bedrooms). Follow your path to wellness at the expansive spa, which includes a rooftop yoga pavilion, and replenish at six spots, including Oku, a Franco-Japanese steakhouse and omakase counter.

Source: Forbes

For the rest of the 35 most anticipated hotels, please click here and access the text on Forbes.

One of the worst countries from covid perspective

Maybe the most of you don’t know, but Europe was hit really hard by Covid. In the 1st wave Italy was one of the worst countries, however now at the end of the second wave the center-east European countries are facing the most deaths and cases calculated on 100 000 people.

From those countries actually Slovakia is the worst. The Health Minister of the country Marek Krajci announced changes starting the 17th of February. The situation is so bad, that anyone coming to the country will have to go to a mandatory 14-day quarantine, however on the 8th day can go and test him/herself. Except of that all of them have to register themselves on application introduced by the government. Only those who are daily crossing the borders due to work have an exception. However they have to have a permit given by the employer and need to have not older then 7 day negative covid-19 test.

Hopefully the new measurements introduced by the Minister will help to make the situation better. Neighbouring countries like Czech Republic and Hungary already introduced more strict measures to improve the situation, which is critical in those countries too. Except of the border limitations they also introduced more strict lockdowns, similar to that which is in place in Slovakia too.

Germany announced that Slovakia belongs to the more risky countries. Tourists from Slovakia are not allowed to enter the country. Those who are working there have exceptions, however when entering the country they need to go to a 10-14 days long mandatory quarantine. Also when just crossing the country due to traveling you have to have negative Covid tests, which is not older then 7 days.


El Al israel airlines: 100% of employees vaccinated for COVID-19

According to Shimon Yaish from, in a sign we may soon see a return to normal, El Al Israel Airlines announced it had vaccinated all of its employees that come into contact with passengers and customers for the coronavirus.

With the announcement, El Al became the world’s first airline to have all of its relevant staff, including flight and ground attendants, security personnel, pilots, and other service personnel, inoculated against the virus.

Accompanied by El Al employees received Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine through their healthcare providers.

In a statement, El Al’s local competitor Israir said 95% of its pilots had gotten the jab.

Arkia Israeli Airlines, announced around 70% of its employees had been vaccinated against COVID-19. For further details, please click here and continue reading on

Source: The Times of Israel

South Africa to reopen 20 land borders to normal travel next week

According to Reuters, South Africa will reopen 20 of its land borders to allow normal travel after restrictions were implemented to control rising COVID-19 infections last month, the Home Affairs Ministry said on Saturday.

The ministry said land borders, including those with Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana, would reopen after being closed on Jan. 11.

South Africa has recorded the highest number of coronavirus infections and deaths on the African continent, with more than 1.4 million cases and over 47,000 deaths. (Reporting by Tanisha Heiberg. Editing by Mark Potter). For further details, please click here and read it on Reuters.

Source: Travel Daily Media

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