Travel News: February 8th 2021

airlines using health passport: Please see below the list

As you know the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow worldwide, governments and airlines are looking for a solution how to keep the travel business alive. Recenty they introduced so called health passports for safe travel. These passports enable travelers to pre-clear themselves for travel and streamline the whole process. Today there are already few airlines with health passport systems in place (or imminent), but we can expect many more to follow.

As of February 8th 2021, these airlines are:

  • British Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Iberia
  • Alaska Airlines
  • United
  • Cathay Pacific
  • American Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Lufthansa

Some others might come as well, e.g. Etihad Airways will pilot the AOKPass, an app developed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and is also working closely with IATA on its IATA Travel Pass. British Airways and American Airlines started to use the VeriFLY app as a health passport, with other airlines including Alaska Airlines rolling out the app imminently. The app was created before the pandemic as means of streamlining check-in and TSA screening, but it has been adapted into a health passport.

Source: eTurboNews

what are the latest travel restrictions for Europe, USA and Canada

Euronews prepared for you the latest travel restrictions by country. I will highlight 3 countries, however for the rest of the list, please visit Euronews by clicking here.You will find there always updated and fresh details, with links on official country sources:


  • Greece was one of the first countries to open back up to tourism last summer. But since November, anyone travelling to Greece is required to present a negative PCR test ahead of arrival.
  • Only those displaying negative results will be able to enter the country.
  • Until February 8, all arrivals to Greece will be required to self-isolate for seven days upon their arrival.

More information here.


  • As a general rule, only Hungarian citizens have been allowed to enter Hungary since 1 September 2020.
  • Foreigners travelling on business or to take part in sport or cultural events are allowed to enter Hungary providing they have two negative COVID-19 tests or quarantine on their arrival.
  • All travel between the UK and Hungary was banned from 22 December after the new variant of COVID-19 was discovered in the southeast of the UK. This ban is in place until 8 February and travel is only allowed for exceptional circumstances.

More information here.


  • Iceland is open to tourists from EU/EEA countries only. Travel between the UK and Iceland was banned from 1 January.
  • Arrivals to Iceland will need to have two PCR tests: one immediately upon arrival and another five days later. Until both tests come back negative, arrivals must stay in quarantine for up to 14 days.
  • Exceptions to apply to those who: are transiting the country, have a certificate to show they have had COVID-19; have a certificate to prove they have been vaccinated against the virus; or those who for medical reasons cannot have the COVID-19 test.

More information here.


Good News: Italy’s Ski Resorts Set to Re-Open

According to, from February 15th resorts in the so-called ‘Yellow Zones’ are expected to be able to open. All the country’s main ski areas are in a yellow zone except for those in the Sud Tirol. It is a huge relief for skiers, plus the resorts though some question the wisdom as Covid-19 continues.

The government’s Technical Scientific Committee, CTS, has reached the decision and although it has not been formally announced by the government it is expected to go ahead. It remains unclear if a travel ban between regions and localities will be lifted, so skiing and snowboarding may just be for locals only.

In comparison to the other alpine nations it is below France (214), but above Switzerland (126) and Austria (107).The ski provinces of Lombardy, Piedmont, Trento, Valle d’Aosta and Veneto are all yellow zones. Sud Tirol/Bolzano is the higher Orange zone and its ski resorts will not be allowed to open.


Greece and Israel to sign agreement on tourism during Prime minister’s visit

According to Reuters,

Greece and Israel are expected to sign a bilateral agreement on tourism on Monday during a visit by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Jerusalem, a Greek government spokeswoman said.

Tourism, which accounts for about a fifth of the Greek economy and employs one in five workers, collapsed last year as the coronavirus pandemic gutted revenues to 4 billion euros ($4.81 billion) from 18 billion in 2019.

Mitsotakis, due in Israel on Monday evening, has forecast a strong rebound in tourism this summer, saying speedy vaccination drives in key markets including Israel will pave the way for tourists to return despite the current industry gloom.

“If 70 percent of the population has been vaccinated by end March it will be easier to open up gradually to the Israelis who are interested in travelling to our country,” she said, citing Mitsotakis. For further details please click here and read the press release on Reuters.

Source: Greek City Times

Austria issues travel warning for Tyrol province over COVID-19 variant

According to the official statement of Reuters, Austria is warning against non-essential travel to its Alpine province of Tyrol because of an outbreak of the so-called South African variant of the coronavirus there, the government said in a statement on Monday.

“The government is warning against travel to Tyrol in order to prevent the South African variant from spreading and the government asks all citizens to restrict journeys to Tyrol to those that are absolutely necessary,” the statement quoted Chancellor Sebastian Kurz as saying.

Together with the statement, Austria re-opens shops, schools, hairdressers and museums today. However the visit is mandatory with negative covid-19 test, which is not older than 48-hours. The shops will be open, however each visitor needs to have at least 20 square meter’s of place just for himself. Therefore in the majority of shops only few people can stay together, the rest needs to wait outside. Resteurants and Hotels will stay close at least until the end of the month.


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