Travel News – January 12th 2021

Air France Adding More Summer Flights To French Caribbean

French national flag carrier Air France has announced in a press release seen by Simple Flying that it will be adding summer flights to the French Caribbean and other French overseas departments. While not technically a part of France, the overseas departments have the same political status as the mainland and constitutional provisions that allow them to have greater autonomy. They also, just like France, use the Euro as their form of currency.

In its statement, Air France says it will be increasing the number of weekly flights between Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Paris Orly (ORY) to the following destinations:

  • French Guiana in South America
  • Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean
  • Mayotte and Réunion in the Indian Ocean

You can read more about it on Simple Flying by clicking here.

Finnair Introduces Intra-Europe One-Way Ticket Fares

Finnair has announced that, from today, it is implementing new one-way fares for its domestic and intra-Europe services. The airline is looking to give its passengers more flexibility with competitive pricing amid the tough travel conditions.

The flag carrier of Finland understands that that traveling can be complex with numerous restrictions in place by authorities. Therefore, it wants to give the best fare levels for all customers, regardless of their length of stay at their destination. Nonetheless, customers can still book a return fare if they wish.

You can read more about it on Simple Flying by clicking here.

United Arab Emirates Removed From England And Scotland Travel Corridors

Of the four countries that comprise the United Kingdom, three – England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland – are removing the United Arab Emirates from their travel corridors list effective January 12th. This means travelers from cities like Dubai will be required to self-isolate for 10 days upon landing. At this time, Wales has decided to leave the UAE on its exempt-from-quarantine list, while Scotland is removing Dubai but not other Emirates.

With the change announced as early as January 10th and as late as January 11th, arrivals from the UAE are no longer exempt from quarantine-upon-arrival and must self-isolate for 10 days starting today – or yesterday for arrivals to Scotland from Dubai.

This is the position of each country in the UK at the time of publication:

England: “United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Umm Al-Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah) was removed from the exempt list at 4am Tuesday 12 January.”

Scotland: “United Arab Emirates, [are exempt from self-isolation] except Dubai (arrivals from Dubai will be required to self-isolate on arrival from 04:00 Monday 11 January 2021. Those passengers that have traveled back to Scotland from Dubai since 3 January 2021 are also being asked to isolate for 10 days, from the date they arrived back in the country)”

Northern Ireland: Arrivals on or after 4.00 am on 12 January 2021″ from the UAE are required to self-isolate.

You can read more about it on Simple Flying by clicking here.

American, Delta and Frontier Follow Suit in Banning Emotional Support Animals

American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Frontier are the latest U.S.-based carriers to stop allowing emotional support animals to board aircraft, after Alaska Airlines made the move to start the new year. Both policies are effective as of Jan. 11, 2021, with provisions to allow flyers booked with emotional support companions to keep their itineraries.

Two more airlines are grounding emotional support animals aboard flights, after the U.S. Department of Transportation created stricter rules on what constitutes a pet from an actual service dog. Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Frontier Airlines will no longer allow flyers to bring an emotional support animal onboard starting with new bookings made on and after Jan. 11, 2021.

While both airlines are making the move to ban the controversial practice of bringing aboard pets masquerading as support animals, their approaches are slightly different. For Delta, the ban starts immediately, as the airline will no longer allow bookings for emotional support animals. Those who held a confirmed ticket prior to the announcement will still be allowed to travel with their emotional support animals.

Starting today, flyers must submit DOT-required documentation online about the service dog’s training and health no later than 48 hours before departure. If a flight is booked within the 48-hour window, flyers must present the paperwork at the gate. Delta will also lift the ban on pit bull-type dogs put in place in 2018, so long as the travelers provide the correct papers.

You can read more about it on Flyer Talk by clicking here

HOw 2021 travel plans in Australia will look like by vogue

If only 2020 hadn’t redefined the meaning of a hotspot, then Australians would be gladly planning another jet-setting holiday around Europe, Asia or the Americas right now. Alas, the world isn’t back to normal just yet and as almost everyone waits for the Covid-19 vaccine and borders to reopen, Australians can assume that a holiday within Australia is a safe and smart choice for 2021.    

So what does travel look like for them this year? After the cancelled trips and dashed plans of 2020, they can happily share that domestic travel is booming right now. “Australia’s relative isolation from the rest of the world, coupled with our sparsely populated land have never been more precious and desirable amongst travellers,” says Tourism Australia managing director Phillipa Harrison.

“Demand for sustainable tourism practices is also increasing as more and more people acknowledge travel as a positive force for good. Based on Covid-19 and what we saw following the summer bushfires, we anticipate that the wellbeing of people, and our natural environment will be key considerations for many travellers in 2021.”

With this is mind, Tourism Australia has shared seven key takeaways and trends for wanderlusting Aussies this year, which you can read on Vogue by clicking here.

top travel destinations in 2021 according to lonely planet




South Korea

Great Smoky Mountains

Las Vegas

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