Part 6 – Transportation (Motorcycle)

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Nothings ever what we expect
But they keep asking where I go next
Oh, we’re chasing as the sun set
Got my mind on youThat’s the lyrics of the song “Sun goes down” from Robin Schultz. However it’s also describing the feeling on the bike when you are chasing the sunset and just driving with an empty mind and feeling how the wind is going through each of your part. The feeling when you feel unstoppable and connected to the bike, road and the nature, which you are currently feeling. It’s an amazing feeling and only those can feel it who ever went for a longer ride on a bike.

No worries if you did not. I will show you how you can experience such a feeling and even better in this section. What do we need to know when traveling by motorcycle.


Same as before the key is destination. All the other items depends on them. If you are going to South Asia it’s recommended to take a small motorcycle for 1 or 2 persons. However if you want to cross the United States and go on some parts of Road 66, it’s good if you rent a bigger motorcycle. Let’s see the possibilities of the motorbikes here:

Adventure Touring Bikes / Dual Sports






Power Cruisers


Dirt Bikes

dirt bike

The 2 most common Dirt bikes are: Endure and Motocross bikes. Those are really similar to each other. What’s the difference? Enduro bikes are generally designed for long distance off-road competitions, as they are equipped with headlights and taillights for nighttime riding. On the other hand Motocross bikes are designed to compete in outdoor motocross events, which feature terrain that includes tight turns and jumps.

Enduro Bikes


Motocross Bikes


Naked Bikes




Sports Bikes


Trial Bikes


Touring Bikes


As you can see the possibilities are huge. If you want to understand what the difference between them, visit the following page. It includes even a bigger variety of bikes with detailed explanation.

Anyway, don’t forget, It’s always up to the destination. You need to match the type of the place with the best possible motorcycle for it. Of course even before choosing a motorcycle don’t forget to check what kind of driving licence you have. In some countries you must have specific licences for bigger motorcycles. Always check what kind of license you have/need in that certain country. As soon as everything matches, get your bike. Choose wisely, as if you choose a bad motorbike, it can ruin the trip.

Let’s say you have chosen the destination and you picked the motorcycle already. We also consider you don’t have your own bike, therefore you need to rent one. In this case the best options is use apps.

Motorcycle apps

– Renting a motorcycle

What are the Best motorcycle renting apps? Let me listed few of them. Feel free to choose one of them:

1. Twisted Road – A 5 star review motorcycle rental service. They review every rider’s driving history and ensure they have a current and valid motorcycle endorsement. Insurance is included.

2. Bikes booking -Rent a motorcycle, scooter in any part of the World.

3. Bounce – This app is easy to use and allows you to rent a motor bike near you. All you need to do is enter OTP. It will show you the start time of the reservation as well when it ends. Of course you will see the price right after choosing the reservation time and bike. If you don’t like it, you can cancel every time before the pick up. The app will show the address where you can rent the bike and where have to leave it.

4. Royal Brothers – self ride bike app for South and East Asia. Available in several cities in India and Thailand. Choose your city and get a bike. In South-East Asia is very common to ride a bike and it’s the fastest and cheapest travel there.

5. Riders share– one great app to use in the United States. Unfortunately it is limited to USA only, however there are really many places listed there, therefore it’s not hard to find a motor bike for rent.

What else do you need? You need a place to stay, you need a map, and data – gas station, motor service, and the correct equipment. How do you find it? It’s easy, you use your smart phone and apps. Use the following apps:

– Getting on the road


  • Waze is one of the most user friendly app often used by drivers (car/bike, etc) to find the easiest route to their destination with minimum resistance. This Mobile app is compatible with all three most used mobile operation systems- iOS, Android and Windows at a free cost. Waze provides you with the quickest path by calculating the speed of your bike and other vehicles in your surroundings to let you reach your destination quickly. Their Robotic spokesman/ spokewoman will give you information on every turn. It is often updated and includes the latest routes. The only issue is that it doesn’t consider if the road is in a good condition. It takes you to the quickest roads, however sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable to drive on them.
  • Pirelli Diablo Superbiker: This is another free motorcycle app for bike riders specifically used by racers and trackway lovers to acquire the data about their surroundings. They ride their bikes at high speeds and always look for the quickest route with less traffic. This app tracks all laps, lean angles and lap times as well as plot graphs depending on the parameters. You can see all your whereabouts using this GPS driven app. This app is available for Android and iPhone.
  • Eat Sleep Ride Eat Sleep Ride is one of the top free motorcycle apps available to bike riders. This app collects all previous routes covered and saves them for later use. Therefore you can easily track your journey and return on the place you already visited. With this app, you don’t need to worry about forgetting a route you travelled for the first time because it gets saved. In addition, you can also search other journeys shared by other bike riders. This app will also inform you of your current mileage, speed and elevation during your journey. The best feature of this app is Crashlight, which notifies your recently used contacts with emergency messages and location in case you face any crash. On this app, you can choose to make yourself visible or hidden.
  • Best Biking Roads: This motorcycle app is considered the largest source of bike riding routes. New journeys are added very often and reviewed by different riders. You can also add additional information, routes, experience which might help other users. Therefore if you are planning a new journey, install this app, find the route to your destination, read its feedback and start your adventure. 
  • Rain Alarm: Driving a bike in rainy season is difficult and dangerous especially if your adventure takes you to a difficult and hard to drive area. The Rain Alarm app warns you in advance about any upcoming rain in real time. With the help of this app, you can plan your journey safely. Real-time data is considered to be very accurate. So, just download this app and start using it to protect yourself from any rain. 

Hope all of those information will help you to travel and have a great time. Enjoy your bike and enjoy your time on it.


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