Chapter 13: How I got sick

Although more than 10 years passed away, I still remember many things from 2009 and specially from the camp. Hopefully you remember from the last chapter, I had my day off outside of the camp. Sincen that, I’ve always tried to find a way how to spend my day offs outside of the camp. Please don’t understand me wrong. I really loved being there. It was an amazing place in the Mountains. Fresh air, beautiful nature, many sporting activities, however I was in the UNITED STATES. One of the greatest and most beautiful countries in the World. I had to discover it at least a little bit.

The majority of the activities for the kids was in the camp. However sometimes they had special events, which they spent outside. I remember one specific night when we went to the cinema. Of course we were watching a “Kid friendly” movie, however it was fun. If I remember well it was one of the episodes of Happy Potter. Anyway, you might be surprised, but the best part of it was the transportation there and back. Matt ordered buses, actually school buses like the one on the picture below:

It was a great experience. It was one of the things I wanted to do in the states and it became true. Another time the kids had full day activities outside of the camp. They went to an amusement park or once to a water park. During one of those event we went to Philadelphia, but this is another story (coming in the next chapter). Let me turn back to the one where I got sick.

It was the day when more counselors had a day off. I don’t remember exactly how many, but I remember that all of them wanted to go outside and go shopping. I was always a bit shy person, however in this case my will to see new places was much stronger. Therefore I’ve asked one of them if I could join. They were at first not very comfortable with it, however then they agreed. Matt still refused to give me a car although I had an international driving licence (I made it back there in Slovakia to get the permission to drive in US). Of course they’ve got a Van from Matt (nothing personal, but the women were all Americans, therefore Matt gave them the car). So we went on a trip.

I woke up early morning (as usual as I’m an early bird) and got ready. I was the first who was staying at the Van and waiting for the counselors. If I remember well, Fran was driving. First we went to a small river to swim and enjoy sunbathing. As I was only a guest, I didn’t care. However it would be better to go some other place, but you know. They did a favor to me, so I couldn’t say anything. What made me worry was the air conditioner. I was sitting in front, and they turned the AC on the highest level. Although I’ve asked them to turn it lower, they refused and told me to sit to the back instead of it. This wouldn’t be so comfortable as I’m 6.1 feet tall (around 184 – 185cm) and I was the tallest from all of them. After swimming we went shopping to a mall.

I don’t remember the place anymore, but it was approximately 3-4 hours of driving from the camp. We separated and agreed to meet at 5pm in front of the Van. As there was no man except of me, I went alone and was already looking for shops, which I knew before. Of course it was TJMAXX, which Michal showed me, but there were also some other great shops, where I bought souvenirs for home and some other stuff.

Already during the shopping I felt that something is going with me. I tought maybe I got a cold, however I did not pay too much attention to it. After the shopping we decided to have a dinner together in some Italian restaurant. On the way there I did not feel very well. I was already blowing my nose very often. I knew it will be worse. The dinner was very good, however I used so many tissues on my nose that I didn’t enjoy it overall. I felt really bad and I knew we still have a 3 hour-ride in front of us. I decided to sit in the back of the Van. However the AC was still too strong for me. Since that I don’t like AC’s, although now it’s very popular in the World. In the office where I work we also have AC, but I don’t like it. You never know what kind of air is flowing there. They say it’s clear, but it’s not the one from outside. It’s the one from inside, which they are clearing (at least the say it).

Anyway we came back to the camp around 9pm. I felt really sick. For sure I had already fewer. I never thought such an AC can make me so sick. So right after the trip I took a short shower and went to sleep. I hoped it will get better tomorrow.

Next morning I woke up a bit late. The others were already up and getting ready for the work. I felt terrible. After I woke up, I had a strong headache and felt a pain in my throat. What would you do in this situation. Of course I went to Matt and told him that I don’t feel well. We did not have a Doctor in the camp, however we had nurses. It was the first time I visited them. They had a nice doctors office with all kind of stuff needed. I was very surprised. I told them everything and I got some pills. First I was shocked. They pills were those:

I had to take one red and one green on the same time. As you can see on the picture below they looked like from the movie Matrix. However Neo could choose if he want to take the red or the other, I couldn’t. As I felt really bad, I didn’t care. I just hoped it will be better after taking those pills. What surprised me was that I received only 4 pills. In my country if you are sick, mostly the Doctors are treating you with antibiotics. You get them at least for 5 days. Sometimes you got pills, which you have to take every 12 hours, sometimes only 1 in 24 hours, however for sure at least for 5 days. Those pills should work in 2 days and they did. After 2 days I felt like new. I didn’t understand it. How can those pills make me healthy in only 2 days. I did not want to know what was in them, however I was really happy to be healthy. I hate when I’m sick as I can’t do anything. Therefore after 2 days I was back again and ready to continue in my journey in the United States. I promised you the story about Philadelphia. It will come in the next chapter. 😉

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