Chapter 6: Flying to New York

In June 2019 I was almost 24 years old and haven’t flown yet. You might say nowadays people are flying as kids, however I had no opportunity to fly when I was a kid.

On that specific day (June 12th) I’ve arrived to Budapest. I’ve been there several times earlier, therefore it was not new to me. I have Family there and in the past we used to visit them once in 2-3 years and there were always some other events in Budapest, where we used to go.

Anyway, I took the metro + the bus (E202) and arrived to the Airport.

Ferihegy (Budapest Airport, source: wikipedia)

The airport was small, however crowded already outside. Everywhere people were arriving and leaving. I went inside. I knew when was my flight departing, so I went to get my tickets and checked in the luggage. I was staying in the line, had my papers in my hand and suddenly an older woman stopped by. She saw me holding my papers with the logo of the agency so she started to talk to me. In turned out that her son was going also to US for summer work with the same agency as I. So he introduced us and I made a new travel buddy at least for the flight to Frankfurt.

Selfie back in 2009 – I’m the guy on the left side of the picture (no glasses)

Also it happened that we met a celebrity on the Airport. I’m not sure how familiar you are with hungarian swimmers, however we met Laszlo Cseh, who is very famous and still swimming. It was a really nice moment.

Laszló Cseh – World Class Hungarian Swimmer (source: Nepszava)

We went on the plane and headed to Frankfurt. It was a bit frightening when the plan took off, however also amazing. Such a big and heavy machine is flying in the air faster than anything else. It was hilarious and frightening all together. However I was happy to fly and was looking forward to the next adventure. We landed in Frankfurt and had to change planes. My new Friend was flying to Boston, so we wished all the best to each other and went to different direction. The airport was huge. I was never on a such a big airport, but I was not afraid. I always somehow find the correct way even if it seems that I’m lost. Somehow like the pigeons. Therefore I looked around, found the table with the information and I was already heading to next gate –> New York. Actually I have to correct myself. I was not flying exactly to New York, but to Newark, New Jersey. I know those of you who are from Manhattan you might be a bit offended, as New Jersey it not New York, however my destination was New York, just the airport was not there. 🙂


I went on the plane, but with mixed feelings. I haven’t seen anyone who would go to work and travel from the same agency, I did. We took off and I was just sitting there thinking about the instructions, I’ve received. I was reading through them again and again. The main concern was how to get from Newark to Manhattan to the hostel booked by the agency. I did not feel comfortable at all. You know I was coming from a small country, never been so far. Now I had to cross the Atlantic ocean and travel to a huge country totally alone. I felt like Kevin from the famous movie: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.


Anyway, I was just sitting there and thinking about my situation, whether it was a good idea to join Work & Travel overall, when suddenly I’ve heard some hungarian talk. I was totally surprised. I looked up and seen several young people talking to each other in Hungarian. It was like the light at the end of a tunnel. I just went to them, started to chat and it turned out that they are going also to US for work & travel. They came from a different agency then me, but they were also first traveling to New York, staying there for 1 night and then going further. They were lucky as there was someone waiting for them on the airport who will guide them to New York and later travel with them to their destination. I’ve asked them whether I could join at least for the travel to New York. They agreed in case their travel guide agrees as well. When we landed, I’ve stayed with them until we met their local guide. She was a young girl mid 20’s, very friendly who offered a lift to New York. I was really glad as I haven’t had to follow all those instructions to get to the hostel. It would take ages for me. Now I just went into the van and the driver took me for 20 bucks directly to the hostel. So at the end I’ve luckily got to New York – Manhattan. What’s next? You can read it in the next chapter. 🙂

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