Chapter 5: How my BEST Summer Ever started!

Approximately in January 2009, I finished all my exams and was getting ready to spend some days at home. I was thinking about what to do during the remaining 3 weeks until the next semester starts. In one of my lazy moments, I went online and checked my application. To my big surprise, I’ve been chosen by a camp.

Honestly, I was not expecting to be chosen and specially so fast. There were Friends of my who haven’t been even chosen, or had to wait couple of weeks/month more. However one camp asked specially for me. I was surprised, afraid a bit, happy and full of expectations. So I contacted the agency who managed the job and they confirmed, that a camp in Pennsylvania wants me to work for them as kitchen boy for the summer. The name of the camp was: Camp Wayne for Girls.

Together with the agency we started to manage all things I’ve needed. They’ve sent all my details to the US Embassy in Bratislava, and later we went there for a personal interview. As you know, I was going to work to US, so I’ve needed working visas. Luckily everything went well, my visa came and I’ve started to plan my trip there. I’ve been asked to come on the 13th of June, which was fine as I knew, I will be able to finish the semester earlier.

The second semester started in the middle of February. I had school again and didn’t even realize how the time is flying. We arrived to May, I’ve finished all my exams really early. I was studying during day/night to really be quickly and finish everything even before June.

3 weeks before I had to fly, I had some weird feeling about my application. I went back online, checked again and the date changed. I had to be in the camp on the 13th, so I had to fly on the 12th. I quickly contacted the agency (as they’ve haven’t noticed the change either) and they bought new fly tickets for me. This was a unpleasent surprise as I had to travel originally with Friends to US and now I was totally alone. I was a bit afraid as this was my first flight even and it was also the first time that I was traveling so far. The big day came. I had everything in my hand, said bye to my friends and family, and went to Budapest. So that’s how it started, but let’s see how did it continue 😉

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