Chapter 4: Getting out of my comfort zone

I finished Chapter 3 with reaching my so far biggest and best travel experience. I would say my BEST summer so far. However before I will come to this, there is some background story to share. You might say it’s like in “How I met your Mother”, but don’t be afraid. I’m not going back 25 years in time. 😉 It will be only 6 years. 🙂

So back in 2003, when I was still on the high school we had several discussions with my Friends where to go during the summer holiday. We were looking for places like United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland and Norway, where we have seen the opportunity to see something new, special and earn some money As I was not 18 yet in Summer of 2003, so I had my parents to agree with it. Of course some of the parents are overprotective (my were as well), they did not allow it. I could go and work in Slovakia, however not far away. So I was dreaming to travel abroad for several months and spend the Summer somewhere far away from home.

In 2004, when I already became and 18, I’ve had to graduate from high school, managed to get to a University, so I’ve haven’t had much time for traveling. I’ve decided that 2005 will be they year, where I will spend the Summer abroad. Well, it did not turn that way. There is a Hungarian quote for that: “Man is planning, God is managing”, which means that you might have plans, however those will happen as God is deciding to happen. Unfortunately in this case it did not turn out well. In early 2005 my father became sick. He got cancer. First it seemed like he will have a successful battle, however during the upcoming few years it became worse and worse. As I never knew which will be the last Summer with him, I’ve always decided to spend the Summer at home with him and work only from my home town Kosice.

In September 2008 the worst thing happened, he passed away. It was a really difficult time for all of us. My brother just finished high school, the company where my mom was working was having issues and sending people away, I was just on the University starting my masters degree.

Then something special happened. We received a visit from a work&travel agency @my university and they were offering summer jobs in the USA. I was not sure whether I should go specially right after my dad passed away. However I had a great support in my family, and specially my mom was telling me to go and see the World! Therefore I’ve said yes, filled the papers, paid the entrance fee and wrote a CV for the camps about me. Another magic happend: I’ve been chosen. I had to wait only couple of months and the magic happened. More about it in the next chapter. 😉

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