Chapter 3: Turning 18 and increasing my travel experience

As mentioned before my first travel experienced I gained thanks to my parents. They’ve taken us by to Croatia (traveling by bus through Hungary), to Spain (traveling also by bus through Austria, Italy, France/Monaco, Andorra) and to Greece (going again by bus through Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria).

Traveling by bus huge distances has several disadvantages. As older you are as taller you become, so more space you need, which in the bus you don’t have. It’s also hard to sleep if you are traveling during the night. You have to accept the fact that you can’t stop whenever you want/need, but you have to keep the schedule of the driver and accommodate your needs to it. However it has a huge advantage as well. Which is seeing many places, crossing real borders, traveling cheap and getting know the people traveling with you much better. You can easily build up new friendships or other relationships.

Balcony view from one of the Hotels in Halkidiki – Greece

Turning 18 did change couple of things. First of all, I became an adult and could travel by myself w/o having my parents with me. Although it was a good feeling, on the other hand I was still in school, so haven’t had enough money to travel. We were not rich, so I couldn’t go back and ask my parents for money. I was thinking about that to do, so I decided to work and except of that to take part in some school activities, which might increase my knowledge, skills and open the doors to new possibilities. I joined the student parliament, became active member of the school board, started to organize event and participate on their executions. To be honest I did many things. I could write a book just on the activities, I did at the time being on university. So back in 2007 we (as main leaders of the student parliament in Komarno, on the University of Janos Selye) received an invitation to visit the European parliament in Strasbourg, France. We crossed the borders first with Austria and then reached Germany. Did you know that in Germany on the highway’s you generally don’t have any speed limit? It’s crazy, but you can drive as fast as you can. So we have seen several cars just “flying like a rocket” compared to our Bus. So in case you want to drive on German highways, be careful and prepared.

European Parliament in Strasbourg

It was also the first time for me to visit the north part of France and see some really nice places, try some delicious french food and enjoy the german hospitality. It might be for some of you surprising, although we went to Strasbourg, we stayed for the nights in a hotel, which was in Germany. Every morning we crossed the boarder (which was a formality as in the European Union, specially in the Schengen Area there are no boarder checks anymore) and visit some nice places.

Anyway If you have a chance, for sure I would recommend you to go to France and discover it from the South to the North. From the highest mountains in Europe, to one of the most beautiful beaches, crossing the Monarchy of Monaco and of course visiting the city of love, fashion, history and culture called Paris. The city which is offering something special on each corner. Ernest Hemingway once said: “There are only two places in the world where we can live happy: at home and in Paris.” Therefore if you have a chance, discover the city by yourself. Give a chance to you and to you heart!

Paris @ night

Also, back in my school-days at the University (2005-2010) I’ve spent significant amount of my money already on travel and I had a feeling that this gives me something special. I was always looking for “things”, which makes me happy. Most of us are. I discovered that this certain “thing”, which is actually not even a thing gives me so much, therefore I decided it has to be part of my life. This decision led me to one of my biggest travel experience so far. I will come to that in the next chapter. 😉

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