Chapter 2: How did I start to travel?

Each of us had a different childhood. I grew up in Slovakia, Europe. We did belong almost 40 years (starting 1948 until 1989) under the so called “East block”. What does that mean? Well, Slovakia (in that time it was Czechoslovakia), Hungary, Poland, and several other countries, which were freed up by the Soviet (now Russian) army after the II. World War did belong under the Soviet influence. This means that almost everything has been ordered by Moscow (capital of Russia) and those countries had to follow their orders. All the governments were socialist reporting everything to Soviet Union. We couldn’t move freely like nowadays. He had strict borders protected by soldiers and if you wanted to go to any of the Western countries, you had to ask for several permissions. So it was not easy. We did not have those (nowadays basic products) as Coca Cola, jeans, or fancy cars, which now everybody can have who has the money to pay for it. We were really limited. Anyway, that’s history, however that’s where it started.

After the regime fell apart like a castle from cards, people started to look for opportunities also outside the country. Some of them emigrated, some of them stayed, but started business in other countries and of course there were people, who did continue to work here, however started to discover other countries via traveling. My parents were like those.

My father and my mom did travel a lot when they were young. Of course due to the limitation and strong travel policy, they could travel only to socialist countries, which also did belong to the East block. However, after 1989 they realized that now it’s the best chance to go also somewhere else. They had to wait a bit until I and my younger brother did not grow up a bit, and we went. First to closer places like Hungary and Polland, later on to bit further places like Croatia and then even further, to Spain. You might say it’s fine, it’s not so far, many people are going there, so nothing special. Trust me, it was special. We did go by BUS!!! Not a bus with comfortable seats and AC, but a bus, which was “older than my grandmother”, was comfortable like a “broken chair” and the smell from the fuel was so “fresh”, as you would just fill a tank of a ship. So you can imagine “how great it was” to travel to Croatia 15-16 hours in that bus. Actually…it was even “better” when we went to Spain. It took us “only” 2 days to get there. 🙂 Anyway, let’s look at the things really positive. We got there and back, and we had both times and amazing Vacation. After those 2 countries we also went by bus again to Croatia and to Greece. After we did not travel anymore by bus such a long distance.

What I wanted to say is that it has been an amazing experience. Traveling through several countries, watching how people live, seeing new places and enjoying the Sea. YES, the SEA! I love the SEA (even call it Vitamin “SEA” instead of C) and I try to travel as much as possible to places, where there is a SEA and where I can swim in it. It’s one of the most refreshing feeling for me.

So those were my first travel experiences thanks to my parents. Thanks to them, I realized how important is to travel and how much can I gain through it. Therefore, dear reader, I want to give this experience and encourage you as well to travel. You will see, it will be something, which you won’t ever forget. Don’t forget 1 thing: travel gives you experience, view, memories and advantage. This is something, which no one can take away from you and will remain for the whole life.

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