Chapter 1: Welcome!

Welcome to Treska – Travel smart with Koloman. You might already figure out that my name is Koloman. Yes, it’s and it’s Nice to meet you Dear Reader!

As you might think that’s not the most common or “most used name” on this planet. Actually it’s not. Even in my country it’s not often used. Long story short: I’m a Hungarian born, raised and living in Slovakia, who likes to travel, discover new places and share experience. That’s the reason why I created this blog. I will share in the following post why I decided to travel, what were the first steps, what did I learn, and what would I advise to you. I will also share on other pages cheap flight tickets. In case you need help, feel free to ask/send message via this page or on instagram. That’s all as a first post and let’s start with sharing. 🙂

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