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Since my early childhood I always went somewhere. Even if I had to stay at home than I went from one side of the room to the other side and back. I couldn’t sit on the same spot for long. Maybe this led to my passion of moving and traveling. I didn’t travel the World yet, but it’s on my “To do list” and I won’t stop until I don’t fulfill it. Hope you will do the same with your “To do list” and dreams.

You might ask: “Why?” Why should I travel if I don’t feel it like you?

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  • How did I start to travel?
  • What did I learn and how did it help me to improve?
  • How did it change my behaviour and thinking?
  • What will be the next adventure?
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#Hints & Tips

  1. How to choose a place for visit?
  2. What do you need to know before buying anything?
  3. How should I get there?
  4. How long you want to go and where?
  5. What kind of luggage do you need?
  6. Is it safe?
  7. + 100’s of additional information just for you!

#Get Informed in Advance – Read the latest News!

  • How is traveling changing starting 2021?
  • What do I need to know?
  • How is Covid impacting my plans?
  • Are there any travel restrictions? Can I go to certain countries or I can’t?
  • Is it safe to travel there? Do you need some special medicaments/vaccination?
  • + 100’s of different information including pictures/videos, which might be useful for your trip

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  • You did not find your answers?
  • You would like to know more?
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